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Dr. Alfredo Paolillo

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Dr. Alfredo Paolillo, PhD

Assistant Professor ("ricercatore") of Electronic Measurements

Member of the UniSA Measurement Group

  • e-mail: apaolillo@unisa.it
  • Phone: +39.089.964298 or +39.089.964248
  • Room: VIS Laboratory (143)
  • Consulting hours for students: every day in the VIS (143) lab, subject to the arrangement of an appointment by e-mail.

Alfredo Paolillo was born in Belvedere Marittimo, Italy, in 1972. He received the M.S. degree in Electronic Engineering and the Ph.D. degree in Information Engineering from the University of Salerno, Fisciano, Italy, in January 2000 and April 2004, respectively. He is an Assistant Professor of Electronic Measurements with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Salerno, Italy. He was with the Information and Electrical Engineering Department (DIIIE), University of Salerno, up to the end of 2010, and he has been with the new Department of Industrial Engineering (DIIn) of the same university since January 2011. 

He has been a NI Certified LabVIEW Associate Developer (CLAD) since 2011.


research interests

Image-based measurement systems

Alfredo Paolillo's activities in this field have been oriented to the study and the metrological characterization of measurement systems based on imaging devices, and to the design and development of specific applications. Specific applications of interest are in the area of industrial inspection of parts (stereo-vision analysis of rubber profiles), medical computer-aided diagnosis (ultrasonic imaging of carotid and skin lesion epiluminescence imaging) and innovative methods for the calibration of structured-light 3-D scanners.


Design and characterization of optical fiber sensors

The activities have been focused on the study of the modified-cladding optical-fiber intrinsic sensors, and on the design of electronic devices necessary for the conditioning and for the measurement of sensor output signal.


DSP-based measurement systems

Researches have been aimed at defining methods for the correction of systematic bias and for the evaluation of standard uncertainty, for the case of measurements obtained through numerical algorithms. Specific research work has been devoted to the case of frequency domain measurements. Read more...

Additional information and documents about Alfredo Paolillo's research works can be found on the Research page of the UniSA Measurement Group.



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