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Short Course

Short course


A short course on "Multilevel longitudinal network analysis" will be offered on May 15. The course will be taught by Tom Snijders, University of Groningen and Oxford University.

Topics treated will be the analysis of panel data on multiple 'parallel' networks, and on 'multilevel networks' defined as networks composed of subnetworks with nodes of different types (e.g., co-evolution of one-mode and two-mode networks).

The course is limited to 40 attendants. Selection of attendants will be based on registration time and on examination of CV by the scientific committee.

Prerequisites for the course are a basic knowledge of stochastic actor-oriented models, and a knowledge of the basic concepts of Bayesian statistics. Computer software will be used as instructional tool. Some experience with the RSiena package in R will be helpful.



Advisable to read: Tom A.B. Snijders, Gerhard G. van de Bunt, and Christian E.G. Steglich (2010). Introduction to actor-based models for network dynamics. Social Networks, 32, 44-60.
Background (not assumed as preparatory reading): Tom A.B. Snijders (2016). The Multiple Flavours of Multilevel Issues for Networks. Chapter 2 (pp. 15-46) in Emmanuel Lazega and Tom A.B. Snijders (eds.), Multilevel Network Analysis for the Social Sciences, Cham: Springer, 2016.




Registration for the short course are closed. The maximun number of participant has been reached.