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ICC2019 - International Comfort Congress

Preliminary Sessions schedule


Session 1 – 29/08/2019 – h:11.30-13.10



1A: Psychology & Physiology

1A-1 A multi-factorial approach for the assessment of comfort in clothing - a footwear application

A.M. West, G. Havenith, S. Hodder

1A-2 Determining Anthropometric-related Comfort Areas of Automotive Seat Components: Results from a Subjective Comfort Evaluation

B. Heckler, M. Dorynek, D. Lorenz, K. Bengler

1A-3 Study on Optimizing the Comfort of Long-standing

Z. Liu, L. Wang, F. Kong, X. Huang, Z. Tang, S. He

1A-4 Posture prediction of a human on a chair

N. Cappetti, E. Di Manso

1A-5 Prediction of Automotive Seating Thermal Discomfort related to Wetness Perception

Peter Bröde


1B: Product Parameters   

1B-1 Comfort and Personal Protective Clothing 

B.M. Woelfling, E. Classen, A. Gerhardts

1B-2 Designing a floor plan using aircraft seat comfort knowledge by aircraft interior experts

S. Anjani, Y. Song, P. Vink

1B-3 A body-shaped lumbar-sacral support for improving car-seat comfort

A. Naddeo, L. di Brigida, C. Fontana, J. Montese, M. Quartuccio, M. Nasti, M. Maria Pisani, V. Turco, M. de Stefano, I. Fiorillo, R. Califano

1B-4 Smart Heating Panels to Increase Thermal Comfort and Efficiency

D. Backes, M. Trenktrog, L. Eckstein

1B-5  Towards an adjustable aircraft seat pan creating comfort for small and tall persons

M. Kuday, R. Westerink, J. Wu, P. Vink

Session 2 – 29/08/2019 – h:14.10-15.50


2A: Holistic Comfort   

2A-1 The Visual Categorisation of Production Automotive Seats on Descriptors of Comfort by end users

T. Erol, C. Diels, J. Shippen, D. Richards

2A-2 School combo-desk comfort assessment: a method for weighing postural factors that affect the overall perceived comfort while performing different activities

M. Cecco, G. Cunzo, N Napolitano, E. Rega, I. Fiorillo, R. Califano and A. Naddeo

2A-3 A comfort evaluation tool for sitting postures: the case of Library chairs

I. Fiorillo, F.J. Anzisi, A. Carbone, R. Califano, A. Naddeo

2A-4 A Holistic Comfort Model for Virtual Cabin Designs

P. Moertl, C. Marx, N. Neuhuber, P. Pretto

2A-5 Future Cabin for the Asian Market (FUCAM)

R. Schliwa, T. Schmidt-Schaeffer, H. Fromm, F. Zwirn, K. Panagopoulou, L. Mendoza, R. Kotian, C. Lawson, R. Kirenskis, V. Lyytikainen, S. Makinen, M. Laakso, R. Kigoshi, T. Oguri


2B: Autonomous Vehicles   

2B-1 Re-inventing the journey experience - A mixed methods approach to comfort in autonomous vehicles

C. Wilson, D. Gyi, A. Morris

2B-2 Driver seat comfort for level 3-4 autonomous vehicles

N. Mansfield, K. Walia, A. Singh

2B-3 A Preliminary Investigation of the Association Between Motion Sickness Response and Task Performance and Engagement

M.L.H. Jones, S.M. Ebert, M.P. Reed 

2B-4 Objectifying Ride Comfort in Autonomous Driving - An extended Model of the ISO-2631 Standard to Objectify the Ride Comfort of an Inattentive Occupant

G. Burkhard, T. Berger, E. Enders, D. Schramm 

2B-5 PURE: The Freedom to move

M. Boving


Session 3 – 29/08/2019 – h:16.20-17.40


3A: Comfort/Discomfort Studies

3A-1 Comfort and discomfort in a chair using the smart phone

S. Udomboonyanupap, S. Boess, P. Vink

3A-2 Model Construction and Analysis of Comfortbility for High-Speed Rail Chair Surface

Z. Tang, Y. Tang, J. Dou, Z. Liu, C. Xu, L. Wang

3A-3 Quantitative Investigation on Dynamic Comfort in Automotive Seats: A Ride and Drive Study

W. P. Zagorski, M. Pereny

3A-4 The experience of comfort is related to profession. Or is it linked to visual perception?



3B: Applied Comfort/Discomfort 

3B-1 Car Control knob usability: a posture based comfort assessment

R. Carenza, D. Maria, S. Mordente, S. Piro, A.C. Santoro, I. Fiorillo, R. Califano, A. Naddeo

3B-2 EuroSpec Seat Comfort - spread academic news in the railway world

R.S. Mastenbroek, A. Kiese

3B-3 The influence of desktop light on the comfortable use of computer screen

L. Han, H. Zhang, Z. Xiang, J. Shang, S. Anjani, Y. Song, P. Vink 

3B-4 Comfort and discomfort smart phoning in bed

S. Udomboonyanupap, S. Boess, L. R. Monteiro, P. Vink


Session 4 – 30/08/2019 – h: 09.10-10.50


4A: Comfort Assessment   

4A-1 Development of a Rail Passenger Seat Comfort Specification and Performance Scale

J. Smith, N. Bowler, S. Phillips, H. Conway, L. Caglar

4A-2 Objective and subjective evaluation of a new airplane seat with an optimized foam support

X. Wang, G. Beurier, M. Zhao, J. M. Obadia

4A-3 Comfort voice instructions for MI-BCI rehabilitation

W. Suo, H. Zhang, L. Liu, Z. Wang, Y. Song, F. He

4A-4 Comfort rating for Upholstery Systems

B. M. Woelfling, E. Classen, A. Klepser, A. Gerhardts

4A-5 Identifying Aircraft Passenger Postures and Factors Influencing Body Part Discomfort

M. Sharafkhani, E. Argyle, S. Cobb, P. Tennent, R. Houghton


4B: Transportation Systems

4B-1 Investigating the effects of two fragrances on comfort in the automotive context

A. Gentner, G. Gadinati, C. Favart, K.S. Gyamfi, J. Brusey

4B-2 Perceived onboard passengers' experience: flight attendants' point of view

G. Torkashvand , L. Stephane, P. Vink

4B-3 Better passenger boarding experience by light guiding

S. Dangal, M.E. Vendel, J.I.J. Coppens, S. Hiemstra-van Mastrigt, P. Vink

4B-4 New experimental research of the quasi-vertical driving position

V. Sisman

4B-5 Guided seat memory usage - bus drivers acceptance and experiences

M. Brütting, Chr. Böser, R. Ellegast  



Session 5 – 30/08/2019 – h: 11.20-13.00


5A: Comfort Modelling 

5A-1 Investigating subjective comfort with aircraft seat via ordinal regression model

A. Vanacore, A. Lanzotti, C. Percuoco

5A-2 Applicability of modern correlation tools for ride comfort evaluation and estimation 

M. Ciesla, S. Kanarachos, M. Blundell, C. Diels, A. Baxendale

5A-3 A 3D Anthropometric Approach for Designing a Sizing System for Tight Fitting Garments

T. H. Staal, T.  Huysmans, J.  Molenbroek

5A-4 Analysis and Modeling of Human - Seat Interaction Using Bio and Contact Mechanics 

SY. Liu, J. Ji, X. Zhong, J. Xi

5A-5 Biomechanical determinants of sitting posture

A. Hirao, Y. Matsuoka, N. Yamazaki


5B: Product Development 

5B-1 A survey and a co-creation session to evaluate passenger contentment on long-haul flights

X. Yao, P. Vink

5B-2 Designing for different passenger experiences: road, railway and aviation seats
R. Marcelino, A. Castro, C. Ferreira

5B-3 Comfort driven design of innovative products: the case of the personalized mattress

A. Naddeo, N. Cappetti

5B-4 Soft flooring for more standing comfort in trains 

A. Kiese

5B-5 Overcoming Interior Design Challenges to Improve the Comfort of Future Vehicles

J. Regnault, C. Borot, C. Marca