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  • Linda Barone’s research interests focus on specialised languages, corpus-based studies, discourse and genre analysis, text linguistics, stylistics, technical translation and literary translation. 
  • Rita Calabrese is currently working on a diachronic corpus of Indian English including data dating back to the years 1850-2011. She is co-author with Jack Chambers and Gerhard Leitner of Variation and Change in Postcolonial Contexts, (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2015).
  • Mikaela Cordisco is currently investigating variation in English as follows:
  • Diatopic/diastratic/diaphasic variation: the  fall of Received Pronunciation and the phenomena of ‘dialect leveling’and ‘urban dialects’ in the UK from a sociolinguistic perspective; ‘Estuary English as register’ hypothesis.
  • Diamesic variation: the English of Computer-Mediated Communication (in particular new forms of ESP on the web: ‘social ESP’ hypothesis).
  • Diaphasic variation: the use and function of taboo words in contemporary English synchronically and diachronically.
  • Siria Guzzo's research interests mainly deal with diasporic identity and new dialect / ethnolect formation through a socio - phonological and morphosyntactic investigation. Other areas of interest include early bilingualism and first and second language acquisition. She is currently carrying out a research project (FARB 2011 funds) enitled "Language and Identity : A Sociolinguistic Analysis of the ' Anglo - Italian Community's speech in the UK" . The research aims to investigate the dynamics of socio-cultural perception and the construction of a ( post ) national and ethnic identity using the tools of variazionist sociolinguistics.
  • Katherine E. Russo, PhD University of New South Wales (Sydney), is a Lecturer/Researcher in English. Her research focuses on Post-colonial English Varieties, sociolinguistics, Critical Discourse Analysis, Translation Studies, Gender, Post-colonial and Whiteness Studies. Her publications include several articles and translations. She is the author ofPractices of Proximity: The Appropriation of English in Australian Indigenous Literature (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010), winner of ESSE BOOK AWARD for Junior Scholars.